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Beautiful Japanese flowering plants, trees, and bonsai capturing hearts around the world

Japan Flowers And Plants Export Association

The Appeal of Japanese Flowers

Japan leads the world in floricultural product development. Many of the resulting creations have been highly evaluated at International horticultural expositions. Cultivars produced only in Japan through delicate cultivation techniques that maximize specific traits of a breed have resulted in colorful, beautifully-shaped flowers. Precise fertilization management even allows the buds of cut flowers to blossom.

The main cut flower products exported from Japan have unique traits. The large petaled Lathyrus odoratus has a stem of more than 40 cm long. The stem of the large petaled Gloriosa reaches lengths of more than 60cm. Eustoma grandiflorum cultivars are diverse, have a long shelf life and luxurious,large, double flowers. There are cultivars of Ranuculus asiaticus produced exclusively in Japan.

Wholesale flower and plant markets are located throughoutthe entire country. Small orders of various breeds can be exported quickly. Furthermore, artistic Bonsai trees created by skilled craftsmen through traditional techniques are popular with all generation s in theEU. In addition, Japan's superior cultivars make up a major portion of the cut flowers of Helianthus annuus and Eustoma grandiflorum, as well as bedding plants such as Matthiola incana, Petunia, and Viola x Witrrokiana distributed throughout the world.


Booth introduction

Introduction of organizations participating in Japan Flowers And Plants Export Association and exhibiting at Floriade 2022.


Introduction of Japanese flowers

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